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Declare your Independence from all that no longer serves you or Mother Earth. Affirm that which you seek.
It is up to us.

With one foot poised upon the next step in personal and global consciousness;
the other remains anchored in the past.  It is time for us to proclaim our own
Declaration of Independence.  And that time is now.

What do you wish to release from your experience or from that of Mother Earth’s?
What “dependence" do you wish to transmute?  More importantly, what do you
wish to affirm for your life and attract to your, and our planet’s, experience?

Take a moment to speak your truth and release old thinking. We are magnificent
beings capable of greatness! Create YOUR Declaration of Independence
from that which no longer serves you as you affirm and know that which
aligns with your greatest good.

The power of Intention is palpable.  The power of  Collective Intention is
unstoppable. Speak yours and watch your world, inner and outer, change
before your eyes.

Let's see what we can do between now and July 4th, 2014. 
Together, we CAN change the world.

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